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A Busy Summer Season

The Summer 2021 was a very busy real estate season for me as usual. My client's beautiful Brohn Home built investment closed in May and was very quickly leased in hot Georgetown. So many applicants, it was exciting for both the landlord and the agents. Luckily it worked out for the best for everyone. Closed on a tract of land in Leander, land is going up in price so quickly that it is just as hot commodity as homes this Spring/Summer. Did a makeready and lease within 1 week of tenant move out, in Round Rock Texas, very cute neighborhood called Brushy Creek Village. Oh the next deal was amazing, in Avery Ranch I helped my repeat client buy a home from a repeat seller, listing agent, and title company, all of whom I have worked with before? What are the odds of that happening? Only in real estate. Most recently I have discovered the growing hotness of Kyle and Buda, located just south of Austin (15 to 25 minutes to Downtown and they are getting a Costco soon). I discovered these towns by searching for my first time Buyer and we tried to offer more than a couple of times before landing "the right one". Sometimes it takes a while for Buyers to figure out what they want! Well I hope to be catching up on my updates more often, until the next deal!


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