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What counts as a Smart Home?

You have probably been hearing the term "Smart Home" quite a bit lately, merchandizers, homeowners and real estate professionals have been getting very excited about new product developments in this area in recent months. Smart home devices allow users to remotely monitor and control features of a home. That could be locks, garage doors, light bulbs, smoke alarms, outlets, cameras, other sensors—or all of them at once through an internet-connected hub.

More and more buyers are looking for Smart Home features

More homeowners are incorporating connected devices and automation into their home, and according to experts, the global home automation market could be worth over $121 billion by 2020. Here are a few terms to help you understand elements in a Smart Home.

Smart home: A home that incorporates devices and appliances that are connected to each other and accessible through a central hub or remote.

Connected devices: Devices that are connected to the internet and can sense and control aspects of a home.

Home automation: Using an app or program to control features of a home on a schedule or through triggers you define.

Hub: A central device that connects all the others on the home automation network and acts as the brain of the home.

Please use the resources below to learn more about smart home technology:

This blog has been edited from the original TAR Jan 25 2018 blog post on Smart Homes

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