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With Cheng, You Can Net More On Your Next Move!


For Buyers, Prequalification is an important first step in finding out your budget toward buying your next home.  Understanding your credit score, having clear records of previous and current employment, keeping track of your additional incomes are all elements that come together in the prequalification process.



You can search for your next property right here!  Use this search button to search for properties , new listings and MLS information.  All search results are directly from ACTRIS.  


"I have worked with Cheng Wooster on multiple real estate transactions and she always delivered great service every time!  I will recommend her to anyone who needs buy or sell in Northwest Austin area and I will continue to use her service again."

-- F. H. C. 


  • I love helping clients ... that are sellers make the best decisions to maximize their properties' sale potential; and I love helping clients that are buyers find the perfect house that fits their priorities.  Call me to find out how my services are catered towards your real estate needs! 

  • When I am not working in real estate, you can find me ... courtside at my daughter's volleyball practice or games, same for my son's football games or tennis practice, reading about design or real estate, or gardening

  • My favorite things about Austin are ... sunny weather often, lush landscapes, fun festivals, and unique restaurants.  After moving here from SF Bay Area in 2003, I love this town.  It is a booming city with new investment opportunities everyday, with growing population and jobs to solidify the city's expansion.

  • People are surprised to learn that I ... lived in Suzhou, a city in China until I was 11, then moved to Los Angeles until graduating from high school.  I am thankful that I can read, speak, and write Chinese, a skill that really helps me connect with my Chinese clients.  I also speak Spanish!

  • My favorite advice for buyers is ... listen to your instincts, you will know when you walk into your future home.  There is no perfect house out there but there will be one that's right for your needs during your search.  When you see and feel it, don't hesitate!

  • My favorite advice for sellers is ... pricing the property right is crucial, with each additional day on the market, your property's value will go down in buyers' mind.  Getting the house ready is crucial, be prepared and be confident!

  • My favorite advice for landlords is ... maintaining your rentals well is another way of raising your investment value in the future.  A good tenant can mean years of wonderful cash flow, choose wisely!

  • My clients say my strengths are... Experience, Communication, Service.  They are often surprised I that I catch certain elements they did not think of, I excel at doing the communications needed with all parties (often in multiple languages!), and my service-oriented business mindset necessitates following through the transaction and beyond closing.  I got into real estate purchasing and renovating homes since 2003, have experience as a Texas Real Estate Salesperson since 2013, licensed as Broker in 2021.  

  • My designations are:

       GRI- Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI), read more about it here.

       CNE- Certified Negotiation Expert, read more about it here.

About Me


I appreciate the wonderful reviews that my past clients have written about me

"I have worked with Cheng Wooster on multiple real estate transactions and she always delivered great service every time!  I will recommend her to anyone who needs buy or sell in Northwest Austin area and I will continue to use her service again."    -- F. H. C. 

"I had a long road in trying to sell my house before I hired Cheng Wooster to sell my home. I wish I found her sooner! She was so amazingly helpful. She immediately took charge of providing me with information, assisted in repairs and staging, and set up professional photography and advertising to showcase my home. She was excellent at communicating with me throughout the selling process. With her excellent skills and resources I was able to sell my house very quickly and for a price that made me smile. I highly recommend Cheng Wooster if you want the best, most trustworthy, and caring agent to sell your home."   -- T. G.

Rated FIVE STARS on Facebook "Really awesome agent! Whichever house we wanted to take a look at, Wooster would make it happen just like that.  It really facilitated the house-hunting process!  Thank you Wooster!"   -- L. C. 

"Awesome work! She is friendly and hard worker, she helped me to find a house where I feel like home. I would recommend her to anyone who want a real home!"   -- R. W.

"陈承同志为人诚恳可靠,认真负责,漂亮亲切!  业务熟练,非常专业,大小事物都站在客户的角度考虑,事无巨细,周到热诚!“  -- D. J. S.

“我们一家6月初搬家到Austin,当时拖家带口的,我们计划着就是尽快买房安顿下来。初次和Cheng见面是在星巴克咖啡,我们双方彼此交换了一下想法,初步确定了买房的价位、学区和位置。 Cheng也告诉了我买房的基本流程和我需要准备的事情。当时我们家大宝马上就要在8月中旬上小学一年级了,所以在一开始的时候我就确定了要买学区房的想法。但考虑到需要提前报名注册,加上我们刚搬家需要处理的各样settle down的事情有很多,我觉得时间上是很急迫的,我当时心里也没有把握是否能在开学前买到房子。 和Cheng交换想法之后,她积极的态度倒是增加了我不少的信心。 
很快我们就去看了一批房子,但我发觉一个令人惊异的事实,就是这里的学区房库存量很低、房价偏高、并且房子都比较老,每周只出来很少的几套的房子。 这也使得我中途调整了看房的方式,从周末看房调整为只要有新房出来就马上去看。很多次我们甚至早晨上班前去看房,还有下班后直接去看房时她还帮我去接孩子,在此很感谢Cheng的付出和贴心。其间她也及时帮助我们解决了很多买房过程的疑问,我也从她推荐的贷款那里拿到了很好的rate。最后历时两个月,在7月底我们买到了自己喜欢的房子,开学之前我们顺利close了房屋交易。 总体而言,我觉得Cheng是一个非常积极、努力、认真负责的agent,我会很乐意推荐她。 --Z.M. L.

Translation of review:

My family relocated to Austin in the beginning of June this year, at the time we knew it was going to be hard with with kids and all our stuff, so our plan was to buy a house as soon as possible and settle down.  My first time meeting Cheng was at a Starbucks, we talked about what my wife and I were looking for in a home, tentatively confirmed my purchase price point, school district and desired areas.  Cheng also informed me all the steps in the purchase process and all the items I needed to start preparing.  At the time of discussion my priority was to send my oldest son, who was starting first grade at the end of August, to a very good elementary school; so I was sure about buying in a good school district.  But knowing that we would need to predetermine exactly which school to register for, plus knowing all the other items that my wife and I have to take care of as part of the move, I felt that our search time was very limited.  At the time I was uncertain if I could even find a house I wanted before school started.  After consulting Cheng about my concerns, her enthusiastic attitude influenced me to keep an optimistic outlook at this home search process.  Very soon afterwards we started viewing groups of homes that were pulled from Cheng's search.  I started realizing the shocking reality of how low the good school homes inventory is, and how high the price point was, even for aged homes, every week there were so little new listings that came out.  This new discovery forced me to adjust our viewing schedule, so instead of seeing new listings on the weekends, we started viewing them as soon as they came out.  A lot of times, I even went to see homes before work early in the morning, or sometimes right off of work I would meet Cheng, who helped me pick up my wife and kids to come together.  I am very thankful for her dedication and thoughtfulness.  In the meantime, Cheng resolved our questions that came up in a timely manner, and help me find great lender choices.  After two months, at the end of July we finally bought a home that we loved, and was able to close on time just before school started for my son.  All in all, I feel that Cheng is a very energetic, hardworking, earnest, and responsible real estate agent, I will be happy to refer her in the future."  --Z.M. L.

"Wow! Cheng is a very hard working agent! She is not only on top of things, she was so thoughtful! Purchase a house could be stressful and hectic, but she really tries to help us to find a home that we really want. We saw about 10 homes before we found the one. I even thought that's a lot of houses  we saw, but she encouraged us to keep looking, and she always could make time to tour with us. Taking notes down about each home, she made a folder of the homes we saw! We had worked with other agents before and all of them had the best reviews, but no one was like Cheng! She gave us great tips about house buying, home decorations and the neighborhoods. She reminded us to set up utilities several times, so we don't have to pay a restart fee of $200. We are very busy people, so we do like all of her reminders! Today was closing day and she surprised us with a huge gift before signing!! On top of that, she saved us a lot of money by negotiating on home price and giving us a part of her commission. Cheng is so amazing! I highly recommend her to be your next realtor!!!"  --T.S.Q.

"Very professional service with hard working spirit. Cheng helped us to sell a house when we are away from Texas. She handled all the communication, arrangement and negotiation with the buyers, till the deal is closed. Awesome work!" --M.A.W.

"This is the second time I bought my house. I wish I knew Cheng earlier so I can make her be my agent when I bought my first house. I knew Cheng from one of my friend who used to be Cheng ‘s client and she told me how professional and knowledgeable Cheng is. So when I tried to buy my investment property I decide hire Cheng as my agent. That was my best decision I ever made . When I told Cheng what is my budget, my preference , she set up an alert email for me so quickly and when I showed interest for one house she will arrange the show house so quickly and tell me the pros and cons of this property. And she so very patient for me. Honestly I am a very picky client , after I saw more than 10 properties I finally found a ideal house . After that Cheng help me to negotiate the price and also help me to do the loan . Literally she took care of everything. My deal closed so smoothly and I will definitely give Cheng a five star !" --S.T.W.


"Chen is a true professional who really cares about her clients. She was extremely knowledgeable of the market and always looked for the better options for me from start to finish. She kept me informed at all time, returned my calls with proper answers to my questions. I am very impressed with her negotiation skills. She consistently negotiates with the relevant parties until her clients are truly happy. It was a great decision of choosing her as my agent." --X.Z.


"Cheng did a fantastic job during my home purchase process. All my questions and concerns are taken cared of thanks to her expertise. With her help, I was able to get under contract quickly and close the house without any troubles, because she took care of problems before they even could have a chance to occur! As a quality engineer, we have a term for this which is called “prevent and predict”, which is a step higher than “detect and fix”. Thank you again! It’s a pleasure to have you as my realtor!" --Y.C.G.

"Cheng 是个人能力强,工作积极,认真负责的 Realtor。 在卖房子的过程中,Cheng定价合理,理解卖家需求,帮忙整理房子,定时follow每个细节的进展, 任何要求都会热心帮忙解答,包括卖家具,租房子等。人缘广,可以帮忙联系不同 technician做修理。 一天内任何时候联系她,都会尽快给你答案。 我的房子出售的很快,一个星期内就有offer了, 完全是因为她帮我们准备工作做得足够。她的审美很好, 在stage房子时候提供了很多好的意见。经过这次合作,我们从合作关系变成朋友关系,而且我很珍惜这段合作。--M.M.Y.


Translation of Review: Cheng is a highly capable, energetic, and responsible Realtor. In the listing process, Cheng helped to appropriately price my house, she was understanding of my needs as a Seller, helped with organizing the property, promptly followed up with each detail's progress, always enthusiastically helping with all requests and questions I had, such as how to sell my furniture, how to look for a rental, etc. She has a wide network and can help with arranging repairs as needed, anytime I needed to contact her, she always responded very quickly with solutions. My house sold very quickly, within one week there were multiple offers, this is absolutely because of her extensive work in preparation of the listing pre-market.  She is great at aesthetics, and gave great advice when we staged the house with our own furniture. After this collaboration, we went from client/service relationship to establishing a friendship, and I treasure that. --M.M.Y."

"Ms Cheng Wooster is one of the best realtor I ever worked with. She is a very good negotiator and knows how to seal the deal. Her professionalism helped me to get a very good deal on the house. I am very happy with her service." --D.H.


"We had a very smooth transaction with Cheng, it is not easy with pandamic, she's professional and very helpful, I would highly recommend her and her company." --L.L.Y.

"It was a pain to shop for a house since the COVID-19 pandemic and the boom of the market in ATX, but Cheng made everything easier. It took us about 4 months to finally have a closing, and during this long campaign, Cheng used her knowledge, patience and great personality help me progress through every stage of buying a house. She even helped me negotiate with the appraisal company, which is not her responsibility at all. She is a pleasure to work with and she knows any aspect of the market. I sincerely recommend her to anyone that needs a house in Austin. Looking forward to work with her again. Big thanks!" --P.W.

Ms Cheng Wooster is a very professional, sharp and responsible realtor. She is very detail oriented and is alway on top of things. She helped us of leasing a rental property. She managed the entire process very smoothly from repairing the house, leasing, pricing, negotiating until signing the lease. She is very knowledge in Austin real estate market as well as home repairing/remodeling. With her resource and advice, we hired high quality contractors and got the repair/remodeling job done in a timely fashion with reasonable price. She also did an excellent job of pricing the house, screening the applicants and negotiating the lease terms. In the end the day, we have had a superb leasing experience by working with Cheng. We highly recommend her! --Q.Z.


Cheng Wooster

All Side Realty

13284 Pond Springs Rd. Ste 405

Austin, TX 78729

Tel: 512-203-4603

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